i was YouTube-ing last night
and i found myself started to watch video about Yama-P again

those who know me since form 2 will 'understand' how deep was my love for Yama-P
was super crazy about him during form 2
when Yama-P was still a johnny's junior people hardly know

Apparently i have a very good taste on *star*
because he is now a SUPER SUPERSTAR
in acting, singing, studying and composing
a very talented superstar

although i am more to korean star this few years
i still never missed any drama of him honestly
after so many years
i found him still very attractive....

i really love the song he wrote
maybe i will put it in my blog as background music

*cute !!!!*
by the way
i am now repeating the new ost of Boys before flowers every day and night
my favourite track is the one you are listening now
by SS501 ^^
hope u guys will like it too

i should go back to studies liao
Jia-ne !