Cute Clock

I found this pics just now
do u know what is so special about this clock?

i am sure u can see that the clock above actually has a FACE
two eyes, one nose and a mouth
and it also has expression on its face
incredible !!
i think it was created more than 100 years ago?
i dont know...i guess so coz i found it in the Ashmoleum Museum
and things in Museum is suppose to be old(?)

i am now officially BROKE... don ni obssoyo... okane ga ne...
today onwards
i can only spend 62.89 pounds every week
so no more eating outside or shopping
i am goin to stay at home and study everyday !!!
(ok maybe eating out once every forthnight? below 10pounds)

so no more travel or trip during easter
Easter = Study + Coursework

end of post.