internet is such a great invention
especially those website like facebook
or mixi (something like facebook in japanese)

i saw some post of my friends yesterday in mixi
and then suddenly i thought of writing some post there too
i know all of you cant read japanese
but u can guess what i've wrote justby looking at the pics XDDDD

some really random thing about my life and my Jun *shy*
and then this morning when i wake up
i found out that my friends in Japan have left their comment on the post
i am really really touched *teary eyes*
coz they still love me after so long ^____^

noted: the first comment was from my host sister *i love her*

and then the last comment was from my friend in high school
i knew that she came to UK last time
but i dint know that she was in oxford brookes
well...brookes really have lots of japanese students from nagoya
too bad i cant meet her here ==
this is the story of cannie and her friends in japan
i think i will keep updating my mixi if i have time
to improve my japanese and all
(i am quite lazy to write letter nowadays)
i want to go back to Japaaannnnnnnn!!!!!
but now need to settle my employment law first *wink*
i am in a very good mood today v(*U*)v