Picnic at Iffley Lock

according to debbie
yesterday's weather would be very sunny and warm
so we decided to go picnic
in Iffley Lock where Debbie and Carole discovered

the place is quite far and could not reached by bus
so we have to walk for around 15-20 minutes to reach the park
but it was all worth it (even though it was soooo hot)
coz the place is really soooo beautiful

on our way to Iffley Lock
with our foods XD
the scenery of the place was really really stunning
it had river all along
and i dint know that oxford have such a beautiful place until yesterday
oxford is not a bad place afterall huh XDDD


see! got swan

got cow also LOL

look at the sunshine and beautiful scenery behind
(looks a bit like padi field though XD)

i love this bench....
it was really comfortable

personally like this picture very muchie
my baby looked so happy behind ^^

group picture...
imitating shin-chan's favourite superman pose

jump high high!!

another group picture

playing with the ducks


dont ask me who is the uncle behind
he juz happened to join in when we are taking the picture
i was so shock when i check back the picture after that
but his head ngam ngam fit the place
not bad also ^___^

i suka this picture also

i really had a good time with all my buddies ^^
will upload all my camwhores pictures in another post if i have time later
Iffley lock is a very good place to take nice nice pictures
- the end -


Melz said...
Tue May 26, 08:30:00 am

Happy moments before we all head back to Malaysia!!
We shall discover some other places also..haha..
Kenot let debbie n carole win all the time..hahaha
Kidding only!!

christine said...
Tue May 26, 09:37:00 am

all ur pic looks awesome..especially those with the green field wan

caNnie said...
Tue May 26, 07:11:00 pm

yalor...we must try to discover new place also...hahahha

bcoz the human inside is awesome marr *shy*
but the green field here all very nice ^^