ENT Specialist

went to ENT specialist just now
as i have been having continuously pain in my ear for almost one week

i was quite worry actually
when the doctor send me for a listening check up
but it was a fun experience lar
although it was kinda scary....
i scared my listening got problem marrrrr

doctor told me it was just infection around my ear and jaw area
so i shall not use my left side teeth to eat

and then got some medicine and the report of my hearing test:

all of these costs me RM 150 ah!!!!!!

so expensive *sob*
luckily i brought enough money *double sob*
but if money can buy healthy
i am willing to pay (coz can claim frm tau pok one mar)

so like this lor
hopefully my pain wont continue for long
coz my arm also pain mar
damn pek chek lorrr
maybe i should go to see a chinese si fu or something to settle my arm's pain
when i got money 1st lar

today need to settle 3 chapter.... hopefully