2010 Resolution

1. Pass my CLP, clear pass please.

2. Found YOU, whom I love and loves me back.

3. Arashi concert, please have a concert in Taiwan, so that I can see the real Arashi to cure my Arasick.

4. Travel to either Hong Kong or Korea or Japan, if possible all three.

5. Change a new maid, who can wash clothes properly and hardworking, the current one is too terrible and I really wish that she can go home asap.

I intended to write out 10 wishes
But then I found it difficult to fill in the list
this seems to suggest that i am quite happy with my current life =)
well, good thing right?

i seriously gonna achieve no 1 and 2 THIS YEAR itself
they cant be wait

Wish me luck please. *wink

I hope that 2010 is another wonderful year for me and for u guys
No tears only smile ^___^


Christine said...
Wed Jan 06, 03:27:00 pm

all the best to you..haha..the first wan is for sure wan la..no worries