Energy of Malaysia

after calling to TM EVERY DAY for one week
i can finally online now
it is not that TM finally willing to stop ignoring me and decided to come to my house and have a look at my problem ( which caused by THEM misconfigure my line)
the TRUE reasons that i can blogging again, drama-ing again, facebook-ing again is because

I have decided to give up on TM NET.

Thanks to P1 wimax's super efficient service
i managed to online on the Second day
after my little phone call to 1300-800-888
instead of my daily love call to 100

Dont said that i did not give any chance to TM
i called them every single day,
begging them to send someone to check my line
or at least check what's the problem with my DSL light blinking non-stop like a super star
the answer i get everyday is the same
" of course no problem! we totally understand your feeling. i will make sure the technician call you today..."
or " the technician will go to your house at 2 t0 4pm..." but they never ever appear
TM decided to give me the technician number
and i called happily but what i get is " ...this is the voicemail....."

TM really have Excellent operator
coz they always sounds promising and they always promise you everything
please note that they will only 'sounds' promising,
and what they always give u are just dozens of empty promise

I totally understand that people might make mistakes and of course, a big company like TM will also make some mistakes
but i have given them enough chance

One of the operator ask me to send an email to make a complain about their corrupted technician
but hello? how am i gonna send emails when you do not provide me any internet service?????
the funniest jokes i have ever heard

Don't get me wrong
P1 wimax is definitely NOT paying me for writing this
but i think i am obliged to write this
to tell the whole world that

No One will always remain as No.1 in Malaysia,
if you do not made an effort to maintain it.
i really hope that TM's mama taught them about the story of rabbit and tortoise before
because they are acting like a rabbit now

well that's it
i will send 20 letters to the management of TM
although they do not give me any respect as a consumer at all
nor they care that i have terminate my service with them
i still need to pay my respect to them
for their SUPER EFFICIENT service to me

as for P1 wimax
last time
i can even open a webpage when i am watching any drama in PPStream
and my download never exceeds 50kb/s
and now with P1
i can watch my drama in PPStream
while downloading another drama in an average speed of more than 90kb/s
and my sis is facebook-ing + msn-ing using another laptop
now tell me,
who said P1 wimax is slow????

whatever it is
i am very satisfied with P1 now
but of course, P1 is still in observation period now
i really hope that P1 wont disappoint me like tm

and i think nothing can be worst then the fact that
my DSL light is still blinking until now......