Escape to Japan 2010

Konnichiwa !!!
i am back from Japan
was busy uploading my photos last few days
and yet a lot more to come

1200+ of pictures for 16days trip
Honestly i dont think it is too much XDD

but anyway
as u can see
the picture above showed 80% of what i brought back from Japan

urm i actually bought shampoo from there
coz the Pantene shampoo in Japan smell too good
and it is cheap so i cant stop myself from bringing it back with me
although it is kinda heavy

oh and i bought two Kitson bag
a very popular American brand in Japan now
as they had only start a new chain shop in Tokyo last week

but above of what i spent on
my escape to Japan trip had once again let me know that
i am such a lucky girl in this world

more stories when i am free
gonna catch up with all the episodes of drama i missed when i was not around
i love all my tomodachi and family in Japan
Dai~suki <3