First Victory

was assisting my master in a criminal trial last week
and i was given chance to prepare the skeleton submission and getting-up for my master to present ( the judge wanted an oral submission)
although it was really rush and everything
because i need to prepare it once all the examination of prosecution's witness are done
it was a really good experience

yesterday was the judgment date
guess what? we won the case!!!
our clients were acquitted to all the charges =)
my master said we were lucky
but no matter what the reasons are
the feeling of winning a case is so great

after we walk out of the court
it was just like those scene in the drama
the client shaking our hands and thanking us

i have to say that my master is a really great lawyer
he was very sharp and fast
oh and he told me that the DPP is definitely going to appeal in this case
well, hopefully he don't

so that's it
my first victory with my master
civil hearing coming up next soon
gonna work harder liao~


Iannn said...
Wed Feb 16, 02:28:00 am