Wanted to buy a Polaroid instant camera for sooooo long already
but someone once told me that it cost around RM1000+
so i think it is impossible that i could afford (rather buy DSLR with tht price)

But But But
I accidentally saw this page in Fb where they are selling all those polaroid camera
and Hey, it only costs like RM 273 include postage
so i asked my sis to contribute a bit
and we decided to choose the cheapest one
then bank in the money immediately

and YEAH!
i got it the next day!!

Lazy to upload my photo, so juz simply steal a pic from google
wanted to get the Pink one
but it was out of stock
and little bit more expensive

the is the first Polaroid picture we took
sis said today is a meaningful day which occurs only once in 1000 years

my dreams FINALLY come true *wink
i can take pictures and hang them on the wall or stick them around like all those people in the movie already !!

oh but one problem
the camera might not be expensive
but the FILM is Very expensive

Currently have only one box of the instax mini film
took one picture left NINE
i am going to NEED a lot of this film

Here's how it looks like
in case you might need/plan/want/intend to buy me a present
this is a very good choice *evil laugh

For those who are worrying about me
I am doing great right now
just attended my beloved ah Sukh's revision class today for 7hours
and done my first round of revision
Will start putting all the cases into my brain AGAIN starting from tomorrow

and honestly
all the sms-es you guys sent to me
it really makes me feels loved and motivated

currently in love with CNBlue's Love Light
repeating it everyday!!